Though not a stranger to, I wasted no time responding when Rachel of Boston Food Bloggers put a message up on facebook asking if anyone was interested in receiving a $15 credit at foodler to use in return for a review post. Two things I never turn down: free money and an excuse to order-in.

If you’ve never used foodler, it’s pretty straight forward. You enter in your address or a city and it returns a list of places that you can order from using the site.


Some of them are close by and others are not-so-much. You can narrow it down by distance… although some of those not-so-close-by will deliver for $10 or so. There are quite a few places in Quincy that use foodler so we’ve never had a hard time picking a place to order from. Another cool feature of foodler? It stores what you’ve ordered so you can look back (great feature because sometimes I can’t remember what I’ve tried… or if there was something I really liked, I don’t always remember what it was.)


As you can see by the star ratings, you can rate not only the restaurant itself, but each individual dish you ordered. I love this feature – I definitely use it as a reference when ordering something I’m unfamiliar with and to review what I ordered for other users. Yet another perk of using foodler? There are always coupons (for free items when you spend a certain dollar amount) or rebate offers (at least on your first order from a particular place – it’s usually between 10 and 20% and gets “refunded” back into your foodler account for a future order.)


On Friday night we decided to order from Sher-A-Punjab, a newer Indian restaurant in Quincy. This was our first time ordering from there but they had great reviews, for our entrees we went with:


And no Indian meal is complete without some naan, to mix it up we went with:


This was delicious… it is described as a tandoor cooked naan with pistacio and coconut. And of course, the “chips and salsa” of Indian food:


with a trio of sauces:


Everything truly was delicious and arrived via delivery faster than promised! You can pay using any major credit card and store different addresses – it remembers where you’ve had food delivered to so you don’t have to type everything in every time you order. You can also add any tip to the delivery driver right into your credit card transaction… or pay in cash upon arrival if you wish. Credit or not, we will definitely be using again and again.

*Disclaimer, a $15 credit for use at was given to me in exchange for this review. However, my opinions are completely mine and truthful.


The Hollywood Brown Derby


There is one place we always try to visit when in Walt Disney World – The Hollywood Brown Derby.




The décor is comprised mainly of ornate molding and dark wood. Illustrations of famous Hollywood patrons adorn the walls.


Our three-course prix-fixe menu began with: lobster bisque for mom, cobb salad for myself (they have one of the best I’ve ever had) and a crab cake for dad.



Next we chose our entrees. Mom and dad both went with the steak and I went with a noodle dish topped with coconut encrusted tofu.


Check out the presentation on that steak! It was delicious too… each bite melted in my mouth (because of course I had to try it… a few times).


My noodle bowl was so good. It was chock full of bokchoy, edamame, snow peas and mushrooms. The coconut encrusted tofu was out-of-this-world good.


We finished up the meal with the dessert course. Mom went with the decadent chocolate cake, dad went with the grapefruit cake (one of the Brown Derby’s specialties) and I went with a caramelized apple cheesecake.



Check out that slice of dried grapefruit! It was huge and super-thin.

The Hollywood Brown Derby did not disappoint. Not only were our meals delicious but it was apparent that a lot of attention went into the composition of each dish.

The prix-fixe menu set us back $60/person plus tax & gratuity. It included our choices for each course and non-alcoholic drinks. Not only that but it also afforded us priority seating for Disney’s Hollywood Studios Fireworks Show, Fantasmic. Unfortunately the show was rained out but we did get to enjoy it later in the week.

Do you have any spots you must-dine at when on vacation? Or do you like to try new things every time?

I like to think we did a combination of tried & true and new on this vacation. The Hollywood Brown Derby is one we’ve been to many times but we tried a new one that I can’t wait to tell you about in a future post!