Two weeks after I wrote my last post, I did this…


Only, that, became this…


Full-shot, now…


I broke my hand, requiring not only surgery on the broken bone itself but also a bone graft from my wrist to “rebuild” said broken bone in my hand.

While it has been an uncomfortable and frustrating injury, I’m on the mend and hopefully with a lot of luck, and minimal PT, I’ll be up and going again (I was going to say blogging but we both know that that’s an empty promise.)


One thought on “Broke

  1. 😦

    i wish you well! i broke both of my elbows in a biking accident in april, so i know the whole broken bones thing is no fun. i was lucky enough to not need casts, but day-um – it sucked. PT does a world of good, so i’m sure you’ll be fine!

    just use the opportunity to make people do things for you 🙂

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