Since you’ve been gone away

I had the month of April off from grad school. My intentions were to go to the gym (almost every day, I was being reasonable), blog more and clean my apartment from top to bottom. I was unsuccessful at all of those things. And what bothered me the most? The blogging one. I miss blogging, I really do. And I honestly don’t know how all of you who have jobs, go to school, have families, etc. have time for it. Maybe it’s just that I don’t make the time for it, I don’t know. But then I got to thinking. Do I blog so I can put content out there to inspire others or did blogging inspire me in ways I never expected? In the end I realized that before blogging my spice collection consisted of dried oregano and garlic powder. Now I have spices in there I cannot pronounce but I’m proud to say I use on the regular. Before blogging I never made my own pizza dough, cinnamon rolls or any ethnic inspired dish other than enchiladas. I’d love to say that I’m making a comeback, really I would. But I can’t promise it.

Tonight marks the first night of classes for my 3rd grad school term. Like a nerd in a bookstore (read: me), I’m half excited to listen to my professor go over the syllabus and half anxious about the time the work will take away from catching up on Mad Men on netflix. Or tackling my never ending, always growing laundry pile. And dishes? I can’t even find my sink anymore. See? My priorities are skewed at best but in the end, I know that reading another chapter from my Aural Rehabilitation textbook is probably more important at this juncture than writing a half-hearted blog post about the out-of-this-world fried ice cream I made on Cinco de Mayo. (Though I WILL tell you about that some day – it’s too late for you to make it for Cinco de Mayo anyway).

To sum up this rambling, I just want you to know (5 readers – if there are still 5 of you) that this blog is not done. That is the one promise I can make.

Tell me, regular bloggers, how do you make time to blog? Or just tell me that I’m terribly lazy and have poor time-management skills. Or tell me anything, really.

10 thoughts on “Since you’ve been gone away

  1. Glad to hear you’re not done 🙂 I ended up changing blogs recently because I was tired of just writing about food exclusively, so I stopped blogging as much. Now that I feel more free to write about more, I feel re-energized about it. Maybe you just need a break to re-charge your blogging battery.

    Plus, you’re going to school. I think school (for me) was harder than work because at work you can go home and disconnect. When you’re in school, you can do homework, study, etc. and you can always be more prepared, so I thought it was harder to structure my time that way. Still, I do wonder how some bloggers find the time to sleep.

  2. I’m right there with you. I’m in a total slump. I’m busy, have some family issues happening and just generally lacking in energy and inspiration. I know I’ll be back, just need a bit to clear my head.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ll get it back 🙂

  3. I always wonder how the people who blog every single day do it. I work over 40 hours a week and tend to blog maybe two or three times a week. Sometimes I get ambitious and blog more just depending if I have ideas and such. When I have an idea, I create a draft for it and save it for when I’m in the mood to make it or write about it.

  4. Bloggers have inspired me to try new foods and workouts that I’ve never heard of. I don’t blog to inspire, I blog to have a creative outlet. So just blog about what you want, when you want. It doesn’t have to inspire every single time. I’ll still be reading no matter what you write!

  5. There are definitely certain weeks where it is more difficult for me to blog than others! I try to fit in the posts’ as often as possible but I try to remind myself that sometimes I just don’t have much to say… and I’d prefer my readers to be interested than bored!

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