So, I haven’t posted in nearly a month. My longest streak since I started this little blog nearly two years ago. I could claim I’ve been too busy but I’m pretty sure there are bloggers out there busier than I am that post on a regular basis. So I don’t know what it is. But I have been eating, drinking and having some good times. With a gentle return to the blog world, I present you my life, lately, in instagram:

Picnik collage

1-4: Beers and appetizers at Hingham Beer Works with mom and dad back in January. 5-6: One of my favorite wines and wine shop at Fresh Market, Hingham. 7-8: Griffy sits with on his grammie and pretzel crusted mac & cheese made by the man-friend. 9: An afternoon Pacifico at Acapulco’s, Quincy with my parents. 10: The ruler of my roost. 11: Snowed in Vampire Diaries marathon – with myself. 12: Friends came to visit and we saw “American Idiot” at the Boston Opera House. 13: An after work beer with my former roomie at Fat Cat, Quincy. 14: Hot peppers prior to chopping for one of the most delicious blogger-inspired recipes I’ve ever made. 15: Sunday morning coffee via Spiderman. 16: Kale-Chickpea Coconut Curry Soup.

See? I’m still doing stuff… even if it isn’t blogging.

13 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. I love making instagram collages!!!! its such a great way to document fun things happening in life when you’re too “busy” to blog. looks like you’ve been having fun.

  2. I feel ya…I have been doing things that I think “You should blog this…” but never get around to it. I don’t have much excuses except for the great weather we’ve been having means that I am so unmotivated to spend my day writing on the computer. Seems like you have the same bug. 🙂 Glad you are having fun!

  3. VAMPIRE DIARIES WOOT! It’s my guilty pleasure, but also my not-so-guilty pleasure because I actually thing it’s kind of awesome 😀 Also, I think it’s the first show populated by “pretty” people where I don’t feel bored by their bland attractiveness. Darn Damon and those eyes! 😛

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