Better than Biscoff

I stopped at Trader Joe’s in Portland, Maine yesterday on my way back to Massachusetts and found this:


It’s seriously amazing and I can’t keep my fingers out of the jar. It must be the gingerbread but it tastes just like the holidays to me. Though I’m a HUGE fan of Biscoff spread, I think this takes the cake.

That’s all.

Now go run and get some!


12 thoughts on “Better than Biscoff

  1. I will never, ever forgive myself for failing to buy Speculaas spread in Antwerp. It was everywhere so I was sure I’d find and buy it at the end of my trip. I didn’t, I cried, and now this post of yours is painful. The end.

  2. i saw this, then promptly ran right to the portland trader joe’s to snatch some up. sadly, they were all out. i blame you!

    just kidding, but i will be going back to hunt some down!

    🙂 laura

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