More Stuff and Things

1. Fall came, finally, and I got a cold.


(Side note: using this photo effect really highlights the fact that my eyes are two different sizes)

2. Fall doesn’t appear to be here to stay, yet.


3.  It’s the month of my birth, I’m turning 21. Thanks, I know I don’t look a day over 18.


Winking smile

4. I did some serious pumpkin hoarding last year so I’ll apologize now but there may be just a few hundred pumpkin recipes this month.

5. Mary Lou’s Pumpkin Spice is Back


What am I talking about? Well if you don’t know Mary Lou’s then the excitement of this will mean nothing to you. But if you live in Massachusetts’ South Shore, South Eastern MA, Cape Cod or Northern RI, you know Mary Lou’s. And their seasonal delight is back. Beats Dunkin’s, hands down, in my opinion.

6. It’s already midterms for me… crazy, right? I feel like the semester just started… or trimester rather, my school goes year around. I just have to keep plugging away for another month and a half and I have December off from school!

7. One more work day and then it’s a long weekend… hooray for that.


11 thoughts on “More Stuff and Things

    • It really depends, at least to me, when and what I get. I find that later in the day the coffee tastes terrible. In the early morning (I go around 7) when it’s fresh I enjoy certain flavors and some I prefer hot to iced. Pumpkin spice, for instance, I don’t care for iced. But warm, it’s delightful. My go-to iced flavor is the Hawaiian Nut Flavor. I tried PB&J and thought it was disgusto and butterscotch too.

      I’m psyched about the warmth. I’m just ready for consistency.

  1. Oooh, 21! Excitement times ahead! The whole seasonal difference thing makes the rest of this post hard for me to find similarities with, but I can always be excited about birthdays 😛

  2. The 30s are great….I promise….ok thats what I’m telling myself at least. Really its not horrible, 30 was a great year for me 🙂

    I’m sad I didnt get to try Mary Lou’s when I was in Boston. I looked at their drink menu a few times and it looked like they have some interesting concoctions.

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