Truro Vineyards


On the Saturday of my friend’s bachelorette weekend we went to Truro Vineyards for a tour and tasting.



It was a gorgeous late summer/early fall day and the vineyard was packed. We couldn’t hear the tour guide very well but we enjoyed checking out the rows of grapes.


The tour was short and sweet (and free!) and soon we were off to the tasting!


The tasting was located under this pavilion and a few of the vineyard employees came around with the different varietals for tasters to try.  This is how their tasting works: you pay $8 for a glass and tasting (includes 5 1-ounce pours), you select from the a list they give you which 5 wines you’d like to try starting from most simple to most complex. It’s a great idea in theory but it took forever for the group before us to clear out… especially since there were only two people pouring wine for everyone under this pavilion plus about an additional 6 tables.


I ended up changing some of my choices as the tasting went on. It helped that there were so many of us in our group so we could share tastes and therefore try more (the employees leading the tasting actually suggested this method).


After the tasting we took to the gift shop to pick up some wine and check out the other goods.




We really enjoyed ourselves and it was a great activity to do with a group of people. I’d recommend stopping in for a tour and tasting if you are ever down that way!

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