5 Things I Learned


5 Things I Learned Last Weekend:

1. 2 bathrooms for 9 girls is not enough.

2. Potato Crusted Fish is something everyone must try, (I’m still drooling.)

3. Tiaras don’t work in my hair.

4. Pickle dip is both my obsession and my nemesis.

5. Live like Bruce. Shun facebook. Never consider anyone unattainable (even if they have someone on their arm). Bring style everywhere you go.

10 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned

  1. Neither is one bathroom with one toilet and shower for six girls for a year. Thanks UVA. Yay pickles! However, 5 makes me feel guilty for hoping it’s so.

    • Sigh. I know Hannah. Our “friend” Bruce was trying to match us up with a group of men who he said were “most certainly single”… when we glanced over, we noticed that there was a girl alongside nearly each one. When we pointed this out to him he said, “nahhhhhhh they’re still available”.

    • We met Bruce out the night of my friend’s Bachelorette Party. He was full of great advice (as you read)… but his wardrobe choices were especially noteworthy.

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