I’ll take a “Sandwedge”


Did anyone else ever look forward to Headlines on Jay Leno every Monday night? Well I did. For the longest time I was on the hunt to find something in print worth submitting. Now I don’t care about sending it to Leno because I can’t keep my eyes open til 11:30 to watch his show. But you, my readers, are deserving of a chuckle. (Does his Headlines segment still exist? Does anyone still watch Leno?)

Well anyway, I got this menu in the mail today in one of those ValuPak coupon envelopes. I know they are pretty much junk but I always flip through them anyway. I’m so glad I did or I would never have found this gem! Sandwedges?! The only sand wedge I’ve ever heard of is the one used to hit golf balls out of sand bunkers.


Apparently I can pick myself up one of these edible sandwedges at a dining establishment where I can “Dine on the Wild Side”. I’m assuming this slogan is directly related to the the restaurant’s location near Franklin Park Zoo.

But wait. There was another menu in my ValuPak today.


More sandwedges!!! And if you look above the gray boxes it says, “Ask WAITRON for Today’s special”. A Waitron? I’m assuming that’s some sort of robot-waitress. Anyone else? I also noticed a startling similarity between this menu and the previous one. Does anyone else see it?

Picnik collage


Sandwedges for everyone!

Anyway… all that talk reading about sandwedges made me hungry so I got to work in the kitchen.


Leftover black bean, mango, millet and quinoa salad became black bean-mango-quinoa burgers!


These were gooooooood. And perfectly complemented by the sriracha-lime mayo I whipped up and leftover rosemary roasted potatoes reheated in the toaster oven.

This is how I made them: first, I made this – Joy the Baker’s Quinoa Black Bean Mango Salad. Then today I took the leftovers and dumped it in my food processor and processed until it became a blob. <—- best descriptive word I could come up with. I then formed patties in my hand and coated the patties in whole wheat panko and tossed into a preheated, oiled grill pan. I flipped a few times until they were browned and then served. Easy right?


Hint: if you use Joy’s recipe to make the salad it will make a ton of “burger meat” once you process it so I’d say you could make a good 6-8 burgers depending on how big you like them.

I’m off to bed… it’s been a long, draining day and I need to unwind.

What’s your favorite thing to make in the food processor?

I seriously use mine just about every other day, it’s hands down the most worthwhile appliance one can own. THAT’S A FACT.


7 thoughts on “I’ll take a “Sandwedge”

  1. I hate typos on restaurant menus. I always wish I could start a business as a menu consultant to help restaurants never have typos on their menus and websites. Although, I wonder here if they thought they were being cute with sandwedge. Waitron is definitely an issue!

    • I’m actually pretty sure my mother calls sandwiches “sandwidges” or something like that. She’d probably feel right at home at that restaurant.

  2. Yes Headlines are still on. I will flip between Leno, Letterman and Conan but have to stop when I see Headlines or Man on the street segment (I think thats the name) And now I have visuals of waitrons (which are totally boy waitresses) serving funky items such as sandwedges!

    Sriracha mayo? I am all about that! I may need to try this “burger” sometime instead of just buying the morningstar patties.

    • Ahhhh! I am so uneducated… I’ve never heard of a waitron! Thanks for informing me. I guess I thought this day in age they were all “servers”. Good to know!

      Sriracha mayo is the best… I put it on all my burgers.

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