The Chacarero


“A Chacarero is a traditional Chilean Sandwich. It begins with homemade bread, that we bake fresh daily. The main ingredient is either tender grilled steak or chicken or both). Then with your main ingredient, we add steamed green beans, giving it that authentic Chilean touch, Muenster cheese and fresh tomatoes. To that we add an avocado spread, salt, pepper & our secret hot recipe to complete the sandwich. Of course any ingredient can be omitted, just let us know!”

The manfriend has been telling me about Chacarero for some time now. The exchange pretty much goes like this “we had Chacarero for lunch, it was soooo good. You should go there someday… when you don’t have to work, because they aren’t open on weekends.” Hmmph.

This time was different though, upon his return he handed me this crumpled paper bag and inside I found my first and certainly not last Chacarero sandwich.


A little bit closer, so you can read the mouth-watering description for yourself. (And see what remains of my self-done manicure… yes, that’s glitter. I have no shame.)


I reheated the sandwich in the toaster oven. I assure you it wasn’t burnt deeply toasted upon receipt, I just got distracted while it was heating up. To be honest, it didn’t compromise the taste of the sandwich one bit (I can say this because I ate the other half lightly toasted tonight). And yes, you read that right. This is only half of the sandwich. It’s literally the size of my head. Okay, maybe my head is a little bigger but I do have a good size dome.


You can see the layers of the sandwich in this photo. I’m drooling again.


And here, at last… isn’t it beautiful? Green beans on a sandwich is so unusual yet so awesome. They give each bite a nice crunch. Want. More. Now.

There are two locations in Boston (addresses on the bag). So if you work in the city, go get one and bring one to me too. Please and thank yas.

Have you ever had Chacarero? What’s the strangest ingredient you’ve ever had on a sandwich?

12 thoughts on “The Chacarero

  1. I worked in Downtown crossing for four years. I have eaten many… many… many Chacarero sandwiches. I can confirm first hand they are amazing. Glad to see the Chacarero getting the props it deserves.

    (Clark’s ‘dad’)

    • I actually need to update this. After reading this post yesterday and leaving my comment I asked my co-worker if he ever had a Chacarero sandwich. Which lead to a story about how amazing they are. Which lead to us traveling from Kendall Square to Downtown crossing just to get one. They are just as good as I remembered.

      p.s. – I waited until after I had my lunch today to come back and post this so I didn’t do it again.


      • That is awesome. I’m glad it was as fantastic as you remembered! (I’m totally jealous that I work in the ‘burbs and can’t go grab one for lunch myself!)

  2. I need this sandwich! it has all my favorite things like avocado and muenster cheese. the idea of green beans is exciting, too! I’ll have to make a trip for SLS! woohoo.

  3. holy crap that looks soo good. i have never heard of it but now i need to track it down! i was in florida recently and got to enjoy some delicious cuban food and got to eat my favorite-maduros! fried plantains. AMAZING. have you made them b4? I’ve got some plantains ripening on my counter waiting to cook up.

    thanks for sharing friend. now im so so hungry. lol

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