First Friday


Today was my first Friday off this month (I have 4! Well technically 3 plus July 1st) and it was perfect.


I took the pup to the beach. Yes, he needs a haircut. But whatevs, he’s still awesome.


We stayed for about an hour. He was whining because I wouldn’t let him off his leash. He was really pushing it considering dogs aren’t even supposed to be on the beach after May 1st. Shhhh.


I like this one. Doesn’t it look like he’s looking at the water? I’m sure there was a plastic bag blowing in the wind or something.

Have a great weekend.

12 thoughts on “First Friday

  1. I love your dog! I was in Florida last month and wanted to take my dog to the beach but supposedly there are beach cops who are just there to control the “dog problem” Boo. I’m sure my pup would love the beach!

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