Not to be corny…


but, you must make these amazing corn fritters! Like, now.


And then eat them atop a big pile of sweet baby greens. With lightly fried Roma tomatoes on top.


And green onions. Those are important too.


Oh and sandwiched between your fritters you’ll want to spread a layer of spicy Greek Yogurt and feta sauce.


The recipe can be found here. The only changes I made were to serve it atop sweet baby greens rather than arugula and I omitted the red pepper.

This was seriously one of the best recipes I’ve made in awhile. I loved the sweet corn in these. Aside from corn on the cob, I don’t know of many ways to prepare corn.

What’s your favorite way to prepare corn/favorite dish made with corn?


7 thoughts on “Not to be corny…

  1. So many pretty colours! Alas, corn is most certainly not in season here right now, but I could always go the frozen route 🙂 I like putting fresh corn into polenta!

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