Chicken Spinach-Artichoke [Dip] Pizza & GIVEAWAY Winner

First off, my apologies.

The giveaway DID end on February 15th (Tuesday) but I completely forgot to choose a winner. Well, I did just ‘select’ a winner using


And the winner is:


Joanne! Send me your address girlie and your Green Giant Prize Package compliments of MyBlogSpark will be on its way!

Tonight’s pizza (pizza on Friday night is pretty much a ritual of mine) was inspired by whatever I could find in the refrigerator. My two starting ingredients: Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough (previously frozen because it’s so great I stock up) and a chicken breast.

After scouring (and throwing out too many expired condiments – I’m such a hoarder) the fridge shelves, I found some leftover Spinach-Artichoke (from Valentine’s Day dinner) and immediately knew this was going to be part of my pizza. The dip was home-made, though not by me (yes – by my Valentine !), so I can’t provide you with the recipe but it was cheesy and delicious.

DSC06483 I won’t give a recipe (because I didn’t really make anything per say) but basically my pizza was:

1/2 ball of TJ’s WW Pizza Dough

1/4 Spinach and Artichoke dip (warmed from fridge for maximum spreadablity – totally a made-up word)

1 sm. can of mushrooms, drained (what can I say, sometimes I’m a lazy girl… and canned ‘shrooms don’t have the “Earth-funk” taste that fresh do, IMO)

~ 1/4 Part-Skim Mozzarella, shredded

~6 oz Chicken Breast, cooked and shredded

Garlic Powder (optional, I cooked my chicken with it)

Onion Powder (optional, see above)

Flour for dusting, my pizza peel, my hands and my “rolling pin” aka empty wine bottle (cleaned to remove hair and dust bunnies)

Pile it all on rolled out dough. Dip then chicken, ‘shrooms. Top with cheese. Bake on pizza stone (optional) pre-heated to 425 degrees in oven.

Serves 1-2

Happy Friday (and long weekend if you are so lucky) and here’s a question, what has your ‘most innovative’ pizza topping ever been?


One thought on “Chicken Spinach-Artichoke [Dip] Pizza & GIVEAWAY Winner

  1. There’s a pizza place here in NYC that is renowned for the spinach artichoke dip pizza. It’s every drunk girl’s dream. This sounds awesome.

    Thanks so much for the package! i’ll be emailing you!

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