>Super Slacker


I’ve been super busy this week. And I mean it. The semester is winding down and that means I have projects and loose-ends to tie up. It does appear as though the end’s in sight… It’ll be SO awesome to have a month off (from school stuff… not work). I haven’t spent a ton of time in the kitchen as a result, but have definitely had some good eats.


I picked up some of this prepared pizza crust at the health food store near where I live. It was on sale and it sounded interesting, check out the ingredients:

DSC06107 Since Friday night is typically a low-key, stay in and make pizza night here, we loaded this thing up with lots of goodies like: red peppers, red onion, portabella mushrooms and tomatoes.

DSC06112 I brushed the crust with a bit of balsamic before brushing on a light layer of tomato sauce. Then on went the veggies and a sprinkling of Mediterranean seasoned feta and some shredded mozzarella. So delicious.

DSC06105For dessert, one of these guys. Sam Adam’s Chocolate Bock. I just picked up the winter sampler last night and I’m psyched about the variety in this years box! Well I’m off, I have something yummy in the crock-pot and some stuff to do around the house! Lata.


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