>Meet Griffy


Happy Friday, everyone. I know I’ve talked a bunch about the pup, but never introduced him. Well, it’s time. And I know I’m totally going to get teased about this by certain people but, well, Griffy deserves an intro.


Griffy is a male Lhasa Apso and was born on March 25th, 2009. He was born in Maine to his parents, Lily and Benji. I went up to visit him once before I could bring him home and he was so tiny, I compared his size to a hamster. His eyes weren’t even open yet and he couldn’t walk! The last weekend in May, I was able to bring him home.

griffyInitially Griffy had a lot of black on his face but as he got older and began getting groomed, the black disappeared. Nowadays, his hair is a very light tan.

griffysleeping Griffy loves to play AND he loves to nap. Often he can go from full speed to crash in the span of just a few minutes. He has a stuffed dog, which we refer to as “baby”, that he loves to drop at the feet of house guests. “Baby” makes every trip to Maine with us (to visit my parents) and sleeps by Griffy’s side.

IMG00005-20100803-1844 Griffy likes to cuddle, be picked up and held (kinda weird, I know) and runs around in circles when I correctly guess what he wants (a drink/food/potty trip). He is scared of crunching leaves, the hairdryer, our basement and squeaky toys. He loves socks and will run off and hide them whenever he finds an opportunity. His favorite foods are… well pretty much anything the humans around him are eating. He also thinks that ice cubes are the best.treats.ever. Griffy gives lots of kisses and loves to keep me company in the kitchen.

So happy that you’ve all now “met” the pup that I’m always mentioning!


2 thoughts on “>Meet Griffy

  1. >Very cute! Love the tongue out! My little man is afraid of strange things too, including: blowing into a bottle, large black things (such as a book of cd's) and the trash bag commercial where they say "Stinky, stinky, stinky!" I hold Franklin too. Totally not weird :)Laura

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