>Starbucks Via Flavored


Happy Friday!!!


Though it’s only in the 50’s here right now… it’s supposed to reach 70 today! A chilly morning called for hot coffee. And you know what I’ve been loving this week? Starbucks Via!

starbucksviaIf you don’t know what it is… it’s little packets of instant coffee. The regular Via has been out for awhile now but the flavored packets just came out this week.

My roommate picked up a package of the Vanilla Via at Starbucks the other day for us to try. It’s great when you are in a hurry in the morning (as I almost always am) and don’t have time to put on a pot of coffee or just want to make one cup.

The vanilla flavor is subtle, not too sweet or artificial tasting. Which is good because I’m not a HUGE vanilla coffee fan… more of a hazelnut or almond girl.

All you do is pour the packet of Via into a mug and then add about 8 oz of hot water, stir and add milk or whatever you like to add to your coffee. Note: it’s already sweetened so you don’t have to add sugar. I will say that it’s not overly sweet though, but it’s good enough for me.

I’m not sure how much it costs but they do come in boxes of six. I think it amounts to about $1 a cup of coffee which is less expensive than stopping for a coffee but more expensive than brewing a pot. Oh well, sometimes you gotta pay for convenience.

Bonus: right now Starbucks is giving a free tall beverage with any purchase of flavored Via!

Bonus Bonus: it’s a long weekend!!! Have any good plans?

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