>A Tuesday Turn Around


Like many people, I too had a long weekend. Add the fact that I took a half-day Friday and you can say I had an extra-long long weekend. Going back to work after a regular weekend is hard enough, this morning it felt impossibly difficult to get going. Fortunately my salad was made and I had overnight oats ready to go in the fridge. I struggled with the lid to my coffee cup and finally gave up and hoped for a smooth commute. I made it from the kitchen to the front door and coffee spillage had already happened. UGH.

Work was busy and I never made it out of the office for a breather in the afternoon. Does anyone else have a working lunch almost every day? I practically ran out of the office at the end of the day. I hit the gym for the first time in days and began to relax a bit. I had a great recipe I wanted to try for dinner and after a quick snack of my granola and some yogurt, I hit the kitchen.

Dinner fail. I mean, that may be a bit harsh, it did taste good. It looked… well, it didn’t really look that good. If you are wondering what I made, it was Couscous Primavera with Rhubarb and Asparagus Okra. I bought Okra yesterday and wanted to put it in this dish. The rhubarb and okra were roasted in the oven with lemon zest, roasted garlic olive oil, lemon juice, honey and onions. How could that not be fabulous? I dunno either. Oh well. Maybe the asparagus would have made it prettier. Who knows.

Here’s when I get to the part where my day turned around, and it JUST happened. Realizing my mood would be greatly enhanced by a shower (gym + cooking in hot kitchen = severe discomfort) and something refreshing, I did just that. I showered and had something refreshing.

IMG_2543 The best part, obviously, is the tyrannosaurus plastic mug I ate it out of. The roommate just came across this at her parents house and I declared it “the perfect ice cream mug!” If you are wondering what the pink situation in my cup is, it is Friendly’s Watermelon Sherbet. I picked some up the other day because I had a free coupon for donating blood. Isn’t the mug great?

IMG_2547  Then I crushed a mini LemonZest Luna Bar on top. YUM.  IMG_2550

If eating ice cream out of a child’s mug can really put my day this much on the upswing, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Or maybe it is the little things.


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