>Pinkberry… and technology failures


So, months ago, dearest puppy chewed on my laptop power cord. The damage appeared to be nothing some electrical tape couldn’t fix but shortly after the repair was made, I found another place where the cord was falling apart. Well, it finally went… I mean, there were sparks shooting from it. Clearly dangerous, I unplugged it and it will not be up and running again until I get a replacement. The roommate’s laptop has a virus, so we are without a computer for the moment. I’m only fortunate enough to be blogging right now because our work network is down and that limits what I can get accomplished (as far as work is concerned).

I am excited to report that I went to Pinkberry for the first time last night. The first Pinkberry to come to the Boston area is located in Hingham at The Derby Street Shoppes. If you don’t know what Pinkberry is, it’s a frozen yogurt chain with a signature tangy yogurt. There are lots of topping options as well as sauces and seasonal flavors.

IMG00054-20100829-1700 I sampled the Passion Fruit flavor and decided to get a dish of that. For toppings (they’re included in the price!) I chose: diced pineapple, mochi (little “rice balls” – kinda have the texture of mini-marshmallows but a bit chewier) and, drum roll, FRUITY PEBBLES!

IMG00056-20100829-1706 IMG00057-20100829-1706 Ahhhhh! It was so good and tangy. I’m excited to try the other flavors and toppings, such as coconut topped with chocolate chips… and/or Captain Crunch. Is it bad that I want to go back tonight?

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