>Yay for a great start to Vacation!



We’re just settling in back home after a weekend up in Maine visiting my family and some friends. We are wiped out but had a great time.

We did a lot of napping relaxing, especially puppy. After enjoying some long walks along the river, he would gulp down some water and head to his spot on top of the couch for a siesta.IMG00014-20100814-0958 After a brief rest, he would resume his exploration of the woods surrounding my parents house. With every chirp of a bird or rustling of leaves, he would come bounding back into the house and reclaim his perch.

Pictured above, “Black & Blues” at the Seadog Brewery in Topsham.


We went for lunch and margaritas at a little Mexican restaurant called Buen Appetito in Waterville. The place is so popular with the locals and visitors to the area that there is usually a line out the door. It shares the building with a cinema that shows some new and some second-run movies in addition to indie flicks. They also have a film-fest every summer that brings in movie lovers from near and far. IMG00018-20100814-1511

Doesn’t my pomegranate and blueberry margarita look so good? It was so refreshing. The regular margaritas at this place are also fantastic. I could go for one right now. For my meal I enjoyed a HUGE grilled chicken and mango burrito with sides of rice and black beans. Everything tasted so fresh. Oh and they have the best house-made salsas and sauces. I couldn’t get enough of the spicy verde sauce. I probably dipped an entire basket of tortilla chips in that stuff.

IMG00020-20100814-1535(2) IMG00017-20100814-1503

More about our great weekend later, I’m off to unpack!

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