>For the love of “oil” that’s good


Yesterday had it’s ups and downs. I scrambled around to finish up the last bit of work I had left in my summer classes. For once, it wasn’t that I procrastinated, but rather that I just wanted to get it all done so I could have August free of deadlines. Griffy definitely sensed that my focus was NOT on him and therefore gave me a run for my money.

He and I had a very off day. He jumped on the coffee table and grabbed tissues out of the box and tore them to shreds faster than I could react. He pushed his plastic Mickey Mouse hand under the couch and cried non-stop until I retrieved it for him. Repeat. He begged for food. I gave him a pretzel and he spit it out on the floor. We tried the laser pointer game. He was just too unfocused. Sigh. There were plenty more mishaps, but you get the idea.

My eating was weird yesterday too. I started with a bowl of cereal and coffee. Then had 4 chocolate covered gummy bears and one non-peril.  A salad of mixed greens, tomato and feta followed for lunch. A handful of sea salt and vinegar chips. I had no desire to make dinner. Here comes the point where my day turns around…

The roommate graciously offered to make burritos for dinner. YES! The most fabulous part? My only task was to EAT the fruits of her labor. I opened up a bottle of wine, poured glasses for all, and sat myself down on the couch. She made an appetizer of fabulous cheese dip that I ate with tortilla chips while reading a magazine and sipping wine. WIN. Then, the announcement that the burritos were ready was made. The star of the show, lime infused rice. She cooked the rice with Persian lime infused olive oil purchased here.p-15 Everything was SO delicious and much appreciated after the day I was having, thanks roommie!


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