>Burgers and Puppy gushing


     I picked up some basil and feta this weekend at the market and began the week with turkey, basil and feta burgers. I found an onion in the fridge and decided to chop some of that up and throw it in as well.food 107  food 109 And as I was mixing up the burger add-ins, I noticed that I had an audience…

food 105Puppy had decided to camp out in the kitchen where I was prepping dinner, (my apologies for the creepy looking eyes – it’s just the flash glare, I swear!). I added the ground turkey to the bowl and mixed it all up.

food 110I then made them into patties and put them in a pre-heated pan (sprayed with a bit of Pam) and flipped when eat side was browned.

food 111   food 112I placed my burger on a toasted whole wheat sandwich round (love them) and put a dollop of garlic mustard aioli on top. I then prepared a small salad of baby arugula, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. Easy, delicious and packed full of great fresh flavors!

After dinner, I brought puppy out for a walk where he rolled around in something yucky, ahem… So an immediate tub was in order.

food 114 There’s puppy, post-tub, laying with his head on a pillow watching me do work. Isn’t he so cute?


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